25 maio 2007

HardRock70's Posts - Links Ativos

Os links abaixos são postagens antigas do HardRock 70's cujos links ainda estão ativos. As repostagens do álbuns perdidos serão feitas pelos torrents.

Obs : password para os arquivos : hardrock70s.blogspot.com

Blue Cheer - Vincebus Eruptum (1968) => http://lix.in/fdf873
Banchee - Banchee / Thinkin' (1969 / 1971) => http://lix.in/6abc4e
Chicken Shack - O.K. Ken? (1969) => http://lix.in/ca0fbe
Crazy Elephant - Crazy Elephant (1969) => http://lix.in/8b0631
Fleetwood Mac - English Rose (1969) => http://lix.in/3064cb
Fleetwood Mac - Live at BBC => http://lix.in/74f466 (Parte 1) http://lix.in/d34a94 (Parte 2)

Atomic Rooster - Live & Raw (1970-1971) => http://lix.in/4ec97f
Food Brain - Food Brain (1970) => http://lix.in/9d76d0
Sainte Anthony's Fyre - Sainte Anthony's Fyre (1970) => http://lix.in/e2fad1
Silver Metre - Silver Metre (1970) => http://lix.in/fbb7e9
Toad - B.U.F.O. - Blues United Fighting Organization (1970) => http://lix.in/0457df

Flied Egg - Flied Egg (1971) => http://lix.in/4ac75a
Jodo - 'Guts (1971) => http://lix.in/ec2dce
Sex - Sex e The End Of My Life (1971 - 1972) => http://lix.in/a38f34
Stone The Crows - Teenage Licks (1971) => http://lix.in/d2340f
Tucky Buzzard - Time Will Be The Doctor (1971-1972) => http://lix.in/803a9c (Parte 1) http://lix.in/598a7c (Parte 2) http://lix.in/1af9b6 (Parte 3)
UFO - 1 (1971) => http://lix.in/4f3f82
UFO - Flying (1971) => http://lix.in/014724

Cactus - Fully Unleashed - The Live Gigs => http://lix.in/bd6ff2
Cannabis - Joint Effort (1972) => http://lix.in/fdfb6a
Cosmic Travelers - Live At Hawai (1972) => http://lix.in/01deed
Fanny - Fanny Hill (1972) => http://lix.in/6b69a1
Hard Stuff - Bullet Proof (1972) => http://lix.in/37117b
Hawkwind - Doremi Fasol Latido (1972) => http://lix.in/f88ba7 http://lix.in/732305 (Bonus tracks)
Vox Dei - Jeremias, Pies De Plomo (1972) => http://lix.in/1bc73b

Atomic Rooster - Nice & Greasy (1973) => http://lix.in/719dc2
Babe Ruth - First Base (1973 ) => http://lix.in/b795ca
Beck, Bogert & Appice - Live (1973) => http://lix.in/7a6959 (Parte 1) http://lix.in/662490 (Parte 2 )
Chicken Shack - Unlucky Boy (1973) => http://lix.in/7d8146
Ciruela - Regreso Al Origen (1973) => http://lix.in/e750ca
Montrose - Montrose (1973) => http://lix.in/dc6407
Tucky Buzzard - Allright On The Night (1973) => http://lix.in/13b562

Dryewater - Southpaw (1974) => http://lix.in/fc0770
Hackensack - Up the Hardway (1974) => http://lix.in/1464ca
Zzebra - Panic (1974) => http://lix.in/c8829e
Zzebra - Zzebra (1974) => http://lix.in/e10c18

Atlantis - Live (1975) => http://lix.in/8ee59f (Parte 1) http://lix.in/f3bc44 (Parte 2)

Bow Wow - Bow Wow (1976) => http://lix.in/49e836
Buffalo - Mother's Choice (1976) => http://lix.in/3d7cca
Granmax - A Ninth Alive (1976) => http://lix.in/d00721
Truth and Janey - Erupts (1976) => http://lix.in/15a193 (Parte 1) http://lix.in/36aaec (Parte 2)
Yesterday and Today - Yesterday and Today (1976) => http://lix.in/1de79f

Bow Wow - Signal Fire (1977) => http://lix.in/60520b
Buffalo - Average Rock And Roller (1977) => http://lix.in/aff6eb
Moxy - Ridin' High (1977) => http://lix.in/fd0fdc
Ram Jam - Very Best Of (1977-1978) => http://lix.in/26b832
Riot - Rock City (1977) => http://lix.in/83ea39
Triumph - Rock & Roll Machine (1977) => http://lix.in/c6f88c

Bow Wow - Charge (1978) => http://lix.in/dcd88c
Bow Wow - Guarantee (1978) => http://lix.in/46a3a1
Bow Wow - Super Live (1978) => http://lix.in/ee9973
Heavy Load - Full Speed At High Level (1978) => http://lix.in/edf8f3
Rose Tattoo - Rose Tattoo (1978) => http://lix.in/ade3ae
Sorcery - Sinister Soldiers (1978) => http://lix.in/f2ffeb
Sorcery - Stuntrock (1978) => http://lix.in/ec6d53

Legs Diamond - Firepower (1979) => http://lix.in/14ba07
Riot - Narita (1979) => http://lix.in/3149c7
Yesterday And Today - Struck Down (1978) => http://lix.in/5683da
ZZ Top - Degüello (1979) => http://lix.in/c64dd2

22 comentários:

alfrocker disse...

O Sex e o Cannabis já eram...
Bouth above have broken link.
Thank for the rest.
Vc pode postar em torrent?

earthdog disse...

Looking for the password for file Yesterday and Today - Yesterday and Today (1976) => http://lix.in/1de79f.Any help would be great.Thank you.

Anônimo disse...

Great blogsite!

Do you have a password for Cactus -Fully Unleashed please???

Anônimo disse...

Hello, password is hardrock70s.blogspot.com or http://hardrock70s.blogspot.com/

Anônimo disse...

¿cual es el password para poder acceder al archivo de HARD STUFF 1972?

Frank disse...

O link do Hackensack não existe masi, Poderia posta-lo de novo?

VonCheech disse...

thank you for stuntrock !

i am now looking for the extra two track listed here...

track 11 and 12


VonCheech disse...

Perry from Sorcery here.
The Sorcery Music CDs have "power mad" on them.
Who is the "label" and where did yours come from?
The track called "robbery" is not ours.
I don't know who put that info on our cd/lps,
but it is incorrect.
We never did a song called Robbery.
Some sites list a song from that LP as
"Woman City", when the actual title is
just "Woman".
Do you have the movie on DVD?
Let me know if you need something from us.
Take care...

Anônimo disse...

Legs Diamond Firepower is a dead link, Can you repost? Thanks!

Anônimo disse...

Could you tell me what's the password for Bow Wow-Super live. I've tried "hardrock70s.blogspot.com" but it doesn't work.
Thank for your help.
Great Blog by the way!

Anônimo disse...

Thank you.this is a great site.Really appreciate the early Fleetwod Mac, and Beck Bogart Appice Live.

Anônimo disse...

will you re-upload the Yesterday and today albums?, the links do not work.

ANTONIO disse...

podrias postear nuevamente el link de Sorcery - Sinister Soldiers(1978)ya ya que marca que ya no existe o error el archivo gracias mi mail emperor28@hotmail.com o emperor3128@gmail.com me lo puedes enviar a mi correos felicidades por tu blog hay muchas cosas interesantes visita el mio www.emperor28.blogspot.com

Anônimo disse...

why password is not working for me?
sht, was so happy to find Atomic Rooster :(

Anônimo disse...

Senha para Cactus -Fully Unleashed não funciona! Alguém poderia informar a senha correta?


Anônimo disse...

Opa! Agora deu certo! Hehehe.

Senha: hardrock70s.blogspot.com

Valeu, obrigado! Parabéns pelo blog!

Marvelous disse...

Was trying to download the live atomic rooster. password combos don't work in Lix.in. Tried different browsers.

Amazing, amazing site.


JKMAN disse...

Thanks for Jodo - great stuff!

Anônimo disse...

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Anônimo disse...


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