29 março 2007

Bad Axe - Bad Axe (1977)

01 - Cities Of Rage
02 - Stray
03 - Do What We Please
04 - What Did I Do
05 - Set Me Free
06 - Vacation
07 - Blues L.A
08 - Foggy Morning
09 - Road To Makin' It
10 - Take Your Time

Dana Strum (baixo) ; Stacy Moreland (vocais) ; Dave Carruth (guitarra) ; Steve Ward (Bateria)

Quarteto norte-americano, da Geórgia. Um disco bastante raro. Conheci essa banda através do antigo blog parceiro 6070rock em uma coletânea de bandas undergrounds de hard rock. Por um golpe de sorte, encontrei o disco completo e resolvi disponibilizá-lo, assim como tinha prometido a nosso amigo blogger do 6070 rock. O som é hard pauleira, com um certo ar "garageiro", muito intenso e de sonoridade bem mais próxima ao som da primeira metade da década, e com aquela pegada própria de power-trio. Fica esse raro registro pra quem quiser aproveitar.

Rare american quartet, making a heavy-rock in early 70's style. Garage and raivous guitars sounds.

Art-work => only front

link para o álbum

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Anônimo disse...

O Blog está muito bom!!
A idéia de compartilhar em torents foi excelente, pois os sites de hospedagem costumam deletar os arquivos antes que todas as pesoas interessadas possam baixar o arquivo ...
Já com os torrents o arquivo permanece enquanto houver interesse!

Gostei dessa banda e achei alguma informação, que transcrevo "in totum":
(incluside com o email de quem fez a resenha)
BAD AXE - “Bad Axe” LP '04/'77 (Heximon, US) - When most self-respecting metallers here the words "Dana Strum," their reaction is probably the same that mine would have been. That is, grabbing the wife & kids & heading for the hills, terrifying thoughts of the '80's hair band Slaughter and MTV "headbanger's" ballads racking their brains. Well, 't'ain't necessarily the whole story, considering this little goodie that came my way courtesy of John Haupt down at Heximon/O.P.M. Records in Georgia. See, BAD AXE was a 4-piece unit that good ol' Mr. Strum twanged
the 4-string in way back in '77 and this record of their's was a good 'un. With Dana Strum on bass, Stacy Moreland on vocals, Dave Carruth on guitar and Steve Ward on drums, these guys were far from the glam metal that would be visited by Slaughter in the '80's. This recording sees the BAD AXE sound as the raw product of guys who obviously cut their teeth on real rawk meat like Purple, Rush & the Sabs. The nasty riffing here is the kinda primordeal metal that any fan of truly heavy stuff would dig and yet, there's something quite beyond that. Just listen to the diversity of songs ike "Cities of Rage" & "Stray." Clearly the work of a band with more than a little originality & even a hint of progression makes this stand out. Then add in numbers like "Vacation," "Blues L.A." and "Foggy Morning." Special kudos go to axeman Carruth on these, as within their grooves, he steps in circles with players on the level of a Steve Hackett in the more prog-moments or even a Stevie Ray in the bluesy sections. Yeah, man,
this BAD AXE thing is far more than a typical hard rock album & warrants anyone's attention who likes something that kicks it and is still quite unique. I've been told there were a few originals of this way back, but apparently they
are so rare as to be classified impossible. So thanks to Heximon, this gem has been made available on a limited basis & my only advice is to grab it now!
email: sales@opmrecords.com

Anônimo disse...

Acho que estamos com sorte! 8D
achei também a capa em boa resolução (só frente) no seguinte endereço:

Stepping Stone disse...

Muito grato cara! Que bom que curtiu!


Excelente banda e raro post, som pra ouvir no volume máximo. Abraço. DUDU2doVINIL

Anônimo disse...